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Aims and Objectives:

  • Raise awareness about human rights abuses against the Palestinian people while raising awareness about Palestinian culture and breaking stereotypes.
  • Encourage constructive discussion and debate on campus and in the society about the occupation and possible solutions to the conflict.
  • Host a diverse group of speakers on the topic of the Israel-Palestine conflict and also invite Palestinian speakers who are experts or market leaders in their field to share their experiences and insights into different industries.
  • Highlight the Secular and inclusive nature of Palestinian culture.
  • Be inclusive to all people without account to sexual orientation, religion, nationality, politics, race or ethnicity.

The University of Exeter's Friends of Palestine society stands for equal rights for all peoples in Israel/Palestine holding the core principle of 'two peoples, one future'. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the discrimination and injustices faced by Palestinian people and to promote humanitarian initiatives involved with Palestine. We also strive to share and promote the rich culture of the Palestinian people.

We do this through a vast array of activities ranging from speeches and high profile speakers to protests, art shows and socials.

Join us and campaign on one of the most significant humanitarian issues of modern times.