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About Us

We are a student-led group that aims to create a safe and welcoming space for students to talk to other students and offer informal well-being support. We aim to promote recovery, social inclusion and personal growth as well as support people experiencing or with experience of low mood, to build broader networks of social support, adopt self-care strategies and to realise that they are not suffering alone through our weekly Peer Support Group Sessions.

Whether you have accessed wellbeing support before or just fancy a chat with like-minded individuals, whether you are struggling specifically from low mood or are just finding uni a bit more stressful than normal, we are here for you. We provide drop-in sessions that are facilitated by a group of trained students who guide and monitor the discussions as well as providing other positive wellbeing focussed events throughout the year.

Two student facilitators, trained by the Wellbeing Centre, will guide the discussion each week with broad themes such as stress management, active relaxation or the importance of social connections. The themes brought to each session are there to help guide the discussion but we recognise that these are only a starting point and are not prescriptive at all. If you come to one of our sessions and want to discuss a different area of mental health then we will absolutely do that.

Accessing support for mental health and wellbeing can be an intimidating prospect but our group aims to create a safe and welcoming space to empower and facilitate positive change in the lives of students at the University of Exeter. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or check our our website, for more support group updates and information.