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♥ Welcome to the University of Exeter Pole Fitness Society ♥

About Pole Fitness

Pole fitness has massively increased in popularity as a mainstream form of exercise in recent years. It is a unique whole body workout which builds upper body and core strength, as well as improving stamina, coordination and flexibility. With countless spins, poses, climbs, transitions and floor work moves to learn, pole never gets boring - each session is accompanied with a new goal and a sense of achievement. As well as the physical benefits of pole, it is also just a fun way to relieve some stress and has mental benefits such as increased confidence and improved body image – we focus on what your body can achieve, rather than what it looks like. There are many different genres of pole, ranging from pole fitness and pole sport, to exotic or contemporary pole dancing, to theatrical pole performances. This wide range of styles means that pole caters to a large amount of people and we are certain that there is something for everyone!

About The Society

We pride ourselves as being a warm, welcoming and encouraging society. Our motto is All Bodies Welcome - we accept anyone into the society, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, size or age. It is not required to have any previous pole, dance or gymnastics experience, most of our members join us as complete beginners. We are proud of the respect and the unconditional support that our members have and provide for one another; this is reflected in the way members provide endless encouragement for and celebrate one another's individual goals.

We will be offering weekly beginner and returner pole classes, as well as, a pole flow class where you learn a choreographed routine. Other classes we have on offer will be our weekly pole practice sessions where you can come and get some free pole time to practice your moves you learnt in class. Also, we will be running fitness and flexibility classes to work on building up strength and flexibility which can help you improve in class. You can book onto our classes by getting a ticket from our guild page.

Being a member will (covid-permitting) also allow you to audition for our Inter-University Pole Dancing Competition team, who have won the South-West division last year, perform in our termly showcases and attend member exclusive pole, silks and hoops workshops with Passion4Pole and Spin City.

We have a fantastic social side to our society with fortnightly socials including nights out, day trips such as paintballing and go ape, as well as termly balls. Pole creates a unique bond between people which makes it easy to create new friendships.

We are super excited to meet you all soon! Please be sure to follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest information (note that our Facebook group is private but if you are associated with the university or the pole community, and agree to the group rules, you will be accepted).

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