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You enter a dark dungeon, lit up only by the talismanic glow of a marble dragon on the wall. Along with your party, you feel the air turn cold and a shiver run down your back. On a roll of 18, you notice posters along the wall each displaying a series of fun, accessible socials all seemingly associated towards a central theme, one which the old tongue denotes as “Sci-Fi and Fantasy”. One-Shots, Quizzes, Pub trips, Art nights, Book clubs, Board Games, Outings, Lightsabers? What is this? You roll your history check apprehensively… A natural 20! And in one breath you are flooded with a memory of a tome… nay… a web-page! A web-page describing a society that is right for you- The Exeter Sci-Fi Fantasy Society! 

Hello and welcome to our Society web-page, the home for all things scientific, fictional and fantastical! If you were not immediately put off from our introduction and actually thought that that was an exiting and unique way to begin the page, congratulations because that probably means that you are the perfect youngling to join our merry band of Jedi's. Even if you're not young and are instead well-seasoned and comfortable wielding the saber we call University life, we welcome you still to join our well-established society of individuals who all share a combined love of all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy. 

As a society, we are proud to be diverse in both our membership as a whole and by the interests we hold. From the encyclopedic to the casual, we welcome all, whether you know and can speak every fictional language under the binary suns or whether you watched Thor once, grew an unhealthy attachment to Korg and wish to find others who think the same. 

In the past we have hosted such activities such as a Sci-Fi themed Taskmaster where we recreated your favourite film scenes, Magic the Gathering where members can put their money where their Mana is, Game nights and quizzes full of "healthy" competition, Dungeons and Dragons one shots so chaotic they are no longer lawful (legally, this is a joke), Beach trips featuring lightsaber duelling (!) and totally optional Pub crawls that will take you hobbits all the way to Isengard! 

Truly, we believe our society is a place where friendships are forged with something to interact with for even the most introverted of those either beginning or somewhere along their University journey. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, or even not but something about the quality of this introduction strikes some movement in your life, come along to one of our events and see for yourself how the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society is the one for you! 

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