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Be The Change is a society campaigning for sustainability in Exeter, both on and off campus.

We provide a supportive space for students to tackle issues we are passionate about, with a focus on environmentalism. Being member-led, we are always looking for new projects and welcome anyone with an idea or passion for making change!

Some examples of what we achieved over the 2021/22 period include:

  • A group attended COP 26 in Glasgow representing BTC and sustainability action on campus. 
  • Launched our 5 Demands campaign. A letter/ list of our demands was sent to top University staff explaining and detailing action that must be taken in order for students to be satisfied that the University is working urgently towards a just, accessible and carbon neutral campus. This campaign has been successful this year in resulting in a change of the universities net zero goal from 2050 to 2030, but we have a strong aim to continue campaigning around our other 5 demands next year and achieve more success. 
  • Sustainable fashion campaign group: Sustainable Fashion Insta Page (@sustainablefashion.exeter), organised clothes upcycling workshops and sustainable clothes swaps.
  • Wellbeing: Wellbeing and Climate Emotions Insta page (@ecogrief.exeter).
  • Plastic pollution: very successful Save our Seas guest speaker event, held regular litter pick events throughout the year both on campus/ in town and at Exmouth.
  • Became involved with the ‘Plant Based Unis’ campaign, campaigned to ban/ reduce red meat on campus and make catering outlets switch to more plant based options. 
  • Intersectional Environmentalism working group- participated and were part of the founding few Universities in the KCL Environmental Conference where we presented to an audience around the importance of Intersectionality within environmentalism. 

We welcome all suggestions from members around where to focus our campaigning efforts this year. We have weekly meetings to work on our projects, and enjoy a good social – usually combined with trying out some of the amazing local eateries around Exeter- bonus if they do vegan and veggie pizza!

So if you're enthusiastic about making a difference, we would love to have you on our team!

Our 2022/23 Aims and Objectives:


  • Continue to facilitate members to make a sustainable and ethical difference socially, economically and/or environmentally, using our project-based approach to maximise high-quality and lasting changes.
  • Ensure that our environmentalism is intersectional and amplify the work and voices of minority community members.
  • Support the wellbeing of our members while accommodating their goals. Additionally, instilling leadership, negotiation and other 'core competencies' in our members.
  • Work closely with the university and organisations in the wider community to foster positive relationships and make positive change.


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