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Since each year there is an ever increasing number of Ukrainian students in Exeter University, one of our major targets is to make sure that they are aware of the society, and take an active part in it. In the same time, we will give a warming welcoming to the non-Ukrainian members who are interested in Ukraine, its customs and traditions, history and politics. As a part of our programme, we are determined to show to Exeter students in what ways we are different from other Slavic nationalities and promotion of diverse aspect of Ukrainian culture through various courses of events, such as socials, trips, sports events, celebrations of major holidays in pristine traditions and film nights. One of the major targets for us is to introduce to non-Ukrainian students cultural prospects via vigorously integrating our Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian members in taking part in the events, having open meetings and key debates about hot topics in Ukraine throughout the year. Ukrainian society will provide an exchange of information between current students not only from our society, but also by cooperating with other societies.

Throughout the year the society would make the number of events, which will bring together and unite Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian members. We will link our events to national holidays such as the Orthodox Christmas, celebration of the Old New Year, Easter, Shevchenko days, the Day of the Ukrainian Language, the Victory Day. The Society will provide a celebration in old and modern traditions, with national symbols and food. We will give our members the opportunity to experience Ukrainian atmosphere here, in Exeter, and give a chance to Ukrainians to feel like back home, and to non-Ukrainian members to be a part of it. As Ukraine has been emerging on the international arena, there has been an ever-growing interest in the region, and through such events in combination with debates, sports events and socials, we will provide an exchange of our thoughts, experience and aspects of our culture, so non-Ukrainians will find out more about the country and its traditions, especially given that traditions in Ukraine vary among regions due to the large ethnic diversity.