Irish and Northern Irish Society

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Aims and Objectives:

  • Unite those who have an active interest in the island of Ireland.
  • Members to be active and friendly, almost creating a family atmosphere.
  • Develop the society through peer networks and working alongside other societies.

Irish Soc is back for another year of craic!

Do you enjoy a big ole fry?

Did you smuggle Tayto crisps into the country?

Do you enjoy a drop of Guinness to start your day?

Do potatoes appear in 99% of your meals?

Is your wardrobe primarily green?

Do you have secret stashes of pots of gold?

Or can you not resist our smokey accents?

If yes is your answer to any of these questions, then get signed up to our society!

So whether you or your Great Great Grandmother's Aunt second-removed on the left is Irish (let's face it everyone has a bit of Irish in them!) or if ye just enjoy a fancy a bit of craic then come and join us!

We represent students from both sides of the border and of all political and religious persuasions, and aim to bring a little bit of our island to Exeter, through music, sport, dancing, drinking, and general craic!