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Our VegSoc Aims:

  • Create an inclusive, friendly society of students interested in a plant-based lifestyle!
  • Meet like-minded people, who have a passion for all things food and environment
  • Create a platform where we can fundraise for charities
  • Set ticket price as low as possible, subsidising ticket price for members using our budget
  • Experience the best veggie and vegan food in Exeter, exchanging our favourite places to go and visiting them as a society
  • Share your finest culinary skills (or just enjoy everyone else's) with pot-luck dinners

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or a meat eater who would love to cook more veggie food, Exeter Uni Vegetarian and Vegan Society is a diverse, friendly space for anyone with an interest in all things veg and animals.

As a member you can satisfy your veggie food cravings at our socials, where we host houmous nights, vegan cheese and wine evenings, vegan pizza film nights, and our infamous pot-luck dinners (something our alumni members say they miss!) to name a few!

Join us on our day trips! Exploring Exmouth Vegan Market, beach cleanups, and our highlight of the term, a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary to sponsor some donkeys and just enjoy a wholesome day!

VegSoc is the perfect way to get involved in charitable events too - with many a vegan bake sale, cookbook sale and other fundraising activities on the horizon, we are a community of people who can't wait to do our bit and raise as much money as we can!

And we can't forget our vibrant social media, our Instagram (@exevegsoc) and our Facebook page (link at the top) are where we announce our upcoming events, post pictures of our socials, and share delicious cooking and baking recipes, they truly are the place to be for all things VegSoc.