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The Queer & BAME Collective is a new society aiming to build an inclusive, positive and welcoming community in Exeter, and ultimately become a safe space for Queer and/or BAME students. We hope that our collective will become a place where anyone can come to in order to both showcase and experience the diversity and culture that emanates from the Queer and BAME communities.

This is a place for Queer people, BAME people, and allies alike to come together to raise awareness on issues affecting the Queer and BAME communities, and to represent voices that often go unrepresented or unheard.

We're hoping to carry out lots of events this year, whether they end up being virtual or physical, including:

Social events! We want to focus on bringing people together and providing a space for both the Queer and BAME communities and allies to meet and make friends. We're talking nights out, quiz nights, movie nights, picnics, dinner, coffee mornings, the lot!

Discussion events! These will be focused on discussing topics and ideas to promote inclusion and wellbeing amongst the Queer and BAME communities, in the form of planned sessions for students, panels, and speaker events.

Awareness events! These would revolve around bringing awareness to both local and global issues affecting the Queer and BAME communities, and also showcasing diversity in Exeter in the form of cultural/pride events and charity events.

We're looking forward to creating a welcoming and friendly environment for all students in Exeter, and we hope you'll consider joining us!

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