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Despite women making up only 28% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), they are making up an increasing percentage of students enrolled in STEM degrees. Within the Women in STEM society we strive to support, inspire and celebrate our female students that are undertaking related degrees or have a wider interest in the subject. This interdisciplinary community provides a nurturing environment in which members can share and learn with students who are going through similar experiences or those that have been through them previously. We aim to balance academic events, such as networking and employability workshops, with leisure activities, including seasonal events and craft evenings. The main goal is that members feel as though they are equipped with the confidence and necessary skills to excel in a career in STEM.

Create a welcoming and diverse community amongst STEM students with similar interests and aspirations

Provide a platform for students to share interdisciplinary research, experiences and opinions

Facilitate the development of key skills and qualities for the pursuit of a successful career in STEM


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