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Aims and Objectives:

  1. To create an all-inclusive atmosphere for all medics (we are also open to non-medics).
  2. To cultivate friendships and a tight community feel
  3. To help students get the most out of uni life, both academically and socially

Exeter MedSoc is the main medical society in Exeter. While open to all students of all years, it is an active and lively society established to help medical students make the most of their time here. The goal of the society is to provide a full experience of the university for all its members while also enhancing the education and academics of our medics. We hope that no matter their background everyone can feel welcome and included and by becoming a member of MedSoc can be a part of the Medical School’s largest and closest family. With various socials, charity events, educational micro-teaches and the legendary Medsoc balls, we aim to make your five years at medical school as fun and rewarding as we can!

Committee for 2023/2024:

President: Henry Hempstead

Vice President (and Publicity): Ellie Warner 

Treasurer: Daisy Richards 

Social Secretaries: Alex Duckett and Tom Cochrane

Sport and Education Secretaries: Gee Laity and Millie Warman 

Ball Secretaries: Mimi Rogers and Emily Ward 

Charity and Welfare Secretaries: Genevieve Vogt and Rhys Stock

Stash Secretary: Richard Fengler 

Why join MedSoc?


The committee have managed to negotiate members a fantastic selection of discounts throughout Exeter and online.


Our education officers work hard to keep you on top of your studies with a diverse range of micro-teaches, helping you out at all ends of the curriculum.


Exeter MedSoc members fully embrace the medical student ethos of "work hard, play hard" and are one of the only societies to provide socials on an almost fortnightly basis. Fancy dress, pub quizzes and post-exam celebrations are all organised by our busy little social secs to provide well-deserved relief from your medical studies. The start and end of your academic year are the most exciting and we're here to ensure that you arrive in style and go out with a bang. Our freshers and survivors weeks are renowned throughout South West, drawing back older students from Exeter and Truro. These are two weeks definitely not to be missed! 


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