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Aims and Objectives:


  • To give students with enthusiasm for space and astronomy a space to socialise and work together.
  • To give our members opportunities to work on innovative and nation leading projects such as the XRT-C, our 5 meter radio telescope.
  • To promote astronomy and space science interests, to the university, general public and wider student body.


SpaceExe is the best society in Exeter for those interested in astronomy, space science, rocketry or anything else spacey.

Since our inception we've worked on countless exciting and practical projects, with the most popular being our student built and run radio telescope the X-RTC and our yearly entry into the UKSEDS rocketry competition for which we were runners up in 2020. By joining these projects our members get unique opportunities for hands on experience in astronomy and aerospace engineering that you won't find anywhere else in the country.

We also give our members opportunities to join outreach events which is a great way to share your enthusiasm about space while also gaining valuable experience in science communication and having a fun time along the way. Usual outreach opportunities include our yearly space science conference featuring presentations of world leading research (To see videos of the last conference check out our youtube channel - and our annual attendance of the Sidmouth science festival.

Since 2021 we have increased our investment into our star gazing equipment. Our society telescope Stevie is an 8 inch Dobsonian Sky-Watcher telescope providing fantastic views of the night sky to our members on a regular basis during term time.

If you'd like to be involved in any of the work we do, or you're just interested in space and want a place to socialise then pick up a membership and follow our socials for updates. We have a Discord voice chat server ( ) , we send out invite links to our members periodically but if you've missed out then contact us and we'll get you online.

Stay Spacey!

The SpaceExe Committee.