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Welcome to SwiftSoc: the University of Exeter’s very own Taylor Swift Society. We felt like there was a Blank Space in the society market for a fun, inclusive, relaxed, friendly society that SwiftSoc perfectly fills. Everyone is welcome at SwiftSoc - whether you know all the lyrics to all 11 albums, if you just like to bop to Shake It Off in the shower, or if you’re looking for some new music then this society is for you!

We  run consistent and regular socials with a wide range of activities - so there is something to enjoy for both the more casual fans as well as the hardcore swifties! For example, we’ll be hosting karaoke, pub quizzes, and crafts events - giving you all the chance to make the friendship bracelets! Our socials are a place where you can make new friends, have some fun, and feel at home.

So if you love to have a good time and are wishing to share this with a friendly bunch of people who love Taylor Swift, then you belong with SwiftSoc, we’ve been waiting for you!

Email: taylorswiftsociety@groups.exeterguild.com

Be sure to follow us on instagram (@swiftsocexeter) to keep up to date and message us with any queries!





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