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Coffee morning Tuesday 28th March 10am Camper Coffee, Queen's building

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Aim 1: Organise enjoyable social events for postgraduate students interested in life sciences to create a supportive network with each other.

Aim 2: To provide opportunities for postgraduate students to get career advice and guidance from post-docs and early career fellows from all areas of life sciences.

Aim 3: Promote equality, diversity, inclusivity and wellbeing among postgraduate life science students.

Postgraduate Life Science Society (PogLSS) runs both academic and social events for post-graduates with a common interest in life sciences. We welcome all postgraduate students (PhD and masters) who are studying for a degree or have an interest in any area of life science. We also welcome undergraduate students who are interested in applying for a postgraduate degree in the future or looking to conduct a career in life science.



A postgraduate degree can be extremely tough in fact, a study by Exeter’s Students’ Guild in 2015 showed 85% of students at The University of Exeter said they felt stressed and a third stated that the cause was due to a lack of friends or human contact. 

Monthly social events aim to give students a brief escape from the tough and high-pressure environment of a postgraduate degree and the opportunity to make new friends. Our social events will include virtual events such as bingo, pub quiz, and coffee mornings. We hope to run in-person social events when it is safe to do so. Membership will entitle you to subsided entry to these events and discounted tickets.


Monthly academic events, include a seminar series called 'Life after your PhD', where external speakers discuss the variety of career options available after your PhD including academia, industry, media, marketing, and policy. We also run virtual conferences allowing you to participate in essential academic events without loosing lab time. Members will be offered exclusive attendance to workshops, closed group discussions with academic experts and poster prizes at society symposiums.

Postdocs, technicians and research assistants are welcome to attend all our social and academic events.



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