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Aims and Objectives:


  • Provide sustainable cooking and eating advice for Students
  • Promote local food and products
  • Create a positive and community feel to the society's membership


This society is for anyone who likes to eat good food!

We will have food nights, cooking classes, and visits to foodie places around Devon.

We are part of the international Slow Food campaign – committed to encouraging the use of locally produced food and teaching about how food waste can be prevented or at least reduced.

If you like eating and drinking; cooking; want to learn how to cook; want to save money on food; want to taste Devon’s great food; want to experience different food cultures; or worry about the future of food, then Slow Food on Campus is for you! Come along and join us for some foodie fun!

Feel free to follow our social media to hear about our foodie events, recipe ideas and sustainable cafe/shop recommendations!


Instagram: @slowfoodexeter








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