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Data Science Society looks to create a community for all the University of Exeter students pursuing data science and related academic programs. The society also aims to make it easier for students from various backgrounds to get involved and learn about Data Science concepts like Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Data engineering, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and so on. In our first year, we welcomed speakers from Bloomberg, the Turing Institute, Oxford Internet Institute, and the Hertie School in Berlin, and we cannot wait to see what further opportunities we can explore together in the next academic year!


  • Provides an open environment for students to learn skills in high demand at their own pace through Python & R workshops, Kaggle team competitions, development projects, or talks with like-minded data science enthusiasts.
  • Host speaker events by data professionals to inform and train students about their fields and careers.
  • Coordinating projects that allow students to dive into real-world datasets, data science tools and techniques while developing their technical skills 
  • Facilitate an environment for students to share and teach one another data science skills that are applicable to the industry.
  • Informing and training students from various backgrounds on the growing field of data science.


Currently, there are 17  Data Science programs being taught at the University of Exeter, with many more directly relevant academic programs. If you are a student in one of the below-mentioned programs, this society is something that you definitely be a part of! We are happy to welcome everyone to this community and grow together, regardless of degree!

Undergraduate programs:-

BSc Data Science

MSci Data Science

BSc Mathematics and Data Science

MSci Mathematics and Data Science


Postgraduate programs:-

MSc Data Science

MSc Applied Data Science and Statistics

MSc Applied Data Science and Modelling

MSc Data Science with Artificial Intelligence

MSc Applied Data Science (Ecology and Evolution)

MSc Applied Data Science (Environment and Sustainability)

MSc Applied Data Science (Renewable Energy)

MSc Data Science (Professional) Degree Apprenticeship

MSc Health Data Science

MSc Social Data Science

MSc Business Analytics

MSc Cyber Security Analytics

MSc Statistics

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