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Aims and Objectives


  • Value its diverse membership and ability to provide a relaxed, stress free environment as an escape from university stresses.
  • Entertain ourselves through the weird, the wacky and the downright strange, helping members revisit old childhood favourites and learn new and entertaining games and activities.
  • Further expand the society, and hope to encourage more diversity and to provide equal opportunities to those who wish to join and need changes made on their behalf.


So you've found us, but it's worth saying that we aren't just here for Hide and Seek.

Under our talented Gamesmaster, we revisit a variety of childhood favourites, and teach new games to keep you stress free during stressful times. Join us for the familiar - Grandmother's Footsteps, Sardines, and of course Hide and Seek, but also leap with us into the unknown. Be bold, brazen, sneaky and a scoundrel as you're hunted over the course of a week of Assassins, survive the apocalypse, playing Zombie Tag, chased by your infected friends as more and more fall to the virus, or bring a sleepy village to it's knees in Mafia, as the mob takes over and you don't know who to trust.

Outside of the Socials, join us for society meals where you get your free hat, vote for new committee members and get your stash over the course of the year. If sun and sand are more your thing, rather than our usual kind of scene, slap on the suncream and speedos and join us for our annual summer beach social instead. And remember, there's more to us than the name implies, so give us a shot and join us, either online or at the Fresher's Fair, as we hide from our responsibilities and search for a good time.

Discord: https://discord.gg/6A6adgx