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Exeter's Business and Finance Society (BFS) brings together like-minded individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines to develop their career aspirations and offer business insights, networking and opportunities in a social and fun manner! 🙌

We are Exeter's largest academic society, with over 1000+ members last year, but also incredibly diverse member base studying an array of subjects.

The world of business and finance is broadening its scope beyond solely recruiting business school students, and so are we, with students studying STEM subjects, humanities and languages very well represented within our society.

Joining BFS looks great on your CV as you can demonstrate an active interest in the world of business and finance, and the society provides plenty of material to talk about at interview:

  • Our Annual Careers Dinner, hosting representatives from leading organisations from various industries and interact with founders of startups to professionals from McKinsey, Deloitte, J.P. Morgan, PwC and Microsoft. 
  • Talks and networking opportunities with our sponsors and alumni students.
  • Last year, Citi Bank ran a Financial Markets Simulation in conjunction with BFS which gave 60 students the experience of being traders.


Why sign up?

  • Opportunities Fair, an event which last year saw over 200 students learn about graduate, internship and placement opportunities
  • Office Visits & Alumni Drinks providing excellent industry insight and networking opportunities
  • Our extremely popular Winter and Spring Ball’s hosted in the Exeter Cathedral, both of which had over 120 attendees last year.
  • Incredibly well-attended social events throughout the year, consistently attracting over 80 attendees, all of whom are provided with free refreshments (alcoholic or otherwise).
  • Intramural Sport (Hockey, Football and Netball), last year 100 students played sport for BFS every single week during term time.
  • Pro-Bono Consulting Offering, Exe Consulting, last year over 180 students gained consulting experience for local businesses, charities and NGOs. 
  • European Excursion, BFS took over 40 of our members to Budapest for a fun weekend away, and this year we are planning on going to Prague!

Follow us on our socials to find out more about our socials and events! 🎉

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