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As a people-focused society, we aim to improve the lives of those who are overlooked or in need. We do this through our projects which are designed to target Exeter's key social issues.

This year we want to:

  • Collaborate with other societies to help fundraise and raise awareness for local charities
  • Work with the Exeter community to ensure that we adapt to their needs and develop innovative ways to do this
  • Host volunteer social events to celebrate the achievements of the projects
  • Continue to be an inclusive and environmentally-conscious society

                                                       Get involved!

  1. Become a member of ESV (it's free!)
  2. Join the Slack Workspace or WhatsApp group chat of the project(s) you would like to volunteer with: you will be added to the volunteers' channel by the project leaders :)


  1. We highly recommend this online safeguarding training series on Youtube to protect yourself and the vulnerable people we come into contact with. 
    You might need a DBS check before volunteering if you are interested in: smART Club or Action After Stroke. See below. 

                                                      Getting a DBS

Please fill in this form and you will be contacted (CAUTION: only needed for smART Club and Action After Stroke):

                                           We can't wait to meet you!

Facebook: Exeter Student Volunteers
Instagram: Exeter Student Volunteers
*Also follow your project's socials to see what they're up to!*

If you have any questions please contact Simon August at:

Simon August (ESV President 2023-24)

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