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Exeter Student Volunteers (ESV) aims to provide student led volunteering opportunities to meet the needs of our community. Building relationships between students and locals through empowering, inclusive and sustainable projects.

2021/22 Objectives

  • Get all of our projects running again this year.
  • Facilitate opportunities to engage both the student and local Exeter community.
  • To be inclusive by creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

How to Volunteer With Us!

1. Become a member of ESV get our free membership

2. Register your interest in a project(s) here: https://www.exeterguild.org/activities/community-volunteering/projects/

3. First Steps Training - All volunteers must go through this to start volunteering with us. This covers safeguarding to protect both yourself and the vulnerable people we come in contact with. First Steps Training takes place online and can be completed at your own pace. Following this, it is necessary you pass the quiz in order to start volunteering.


Note: If you have previously attended a First Steps Training, you will need to do it again online.

4. DBS - Some of our projects require a DBS, these are: smART Club, Music Makers, Summer Adventures, Mentoring for Success, Global Touch, Teddy Bear Hospital and Action After Stroke. For those not listed, you can begin volunteering after first steps training is completed.

To get a DBS please follow the instructions on the guild page link below:


Any questions or issues regarding DBS please contact: activities@exeterguild.com as the guild is responsible for DBS not ESV.


Please do follow us on Instagram and Facebook @exeterstudentvolunteers for more updates and information about the projects! We also will email regular updates so look out for them in your University email inbox.

For any general enquiries please contact esv-president@groups.exeterguild.com 

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