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After a year and a half of study I have never thought to question the absence of a society dedicated to the study of International Relations; until now! As the subject has grown incredibly in popularity, expanse of literature and dedication of research in the recent decades, I feel its absence needs to be rectified. Thus I would like to found the University of Exeter IR Society. Although IR on its own is not a huge course, I know countless politics, history and philosophy (plus more) that study IR as a joint honours. With the proliferation of the subject as a field of study worthy of standing alone, rather than as a sub-field of politics, our institution should recognise this. 

--> To provide academic representation to the field of study in International Relations (IR), as well as providing a forum of debate for students of this subject to broaden their horizon's relative to the subject of IR and the issues that arise within this field.

--> To provide pastoral and academic support for those that require within this field and assist with any issues they may face whilst studying at our institution despite the nature of this issue and deal with it appropriately. 

--> To provide a social forum in which students, joint honours or studying pure IR can meet and communicate with other students of the same subject.

--> To provide a platform for social issues that many would not be aware of within the realm of British politics, and provide space for international students to spread awareness of isseus in the wider world, potenmtislly in conjunction with other society's.

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