Society Registrations

Our Society Registration process facilitates students in forming new societies.



Do you have an idea for a new society or want to bring back a society that is presently inactive? Our society registration process is here to facilitate you in doing just that!

Whether it's just you and a few friends coming together to share an interest or something more formalised, forming a society is a great way to find others with that shared interest.

This process can also be used to re-register societies that have gone inactive. A list of inactive societies can be found here.

Registration guidance can be downloaded here.

Society registrations for this academic year will close on Friday 17th of May 2024.

Registration Process

Step one: Create an idea and appoint your team - a society needs to have at least 3 committee members including a President and Treasurer.

Step two: Submit an idea by selecting "Application form" on the left hand menu and complete the application form.

Step three: Application will be reviewed by the Activities team.

Step four: Committee members will be invited to meet with the Activities team to discuss plans and objectives.

Step five: Approved applications will be listed on the website to gather support. For an application to succeed it will need to gather 20 votes within 21 days.

Step six: Once a society gathers the required number of votes, it will become viable for registration. Our team will be in touch confirm your registration and let you know the next steps.

Active registrations

We are a society dedicated to bringing people together in honour of our favourite Wii game, JustDance. Whether you’re a profesh dancer or an awkward shuffler (like all the committee members) this dancefloor is a welcoming space for you to come and bust a move in a community filled with silly, happy JustDance fanatics. We will meet every week for our classic JustDance sessions, once a month for a special themed JustDance night and for a super funsies social once every month (drinking and non-drinking inclusive).
Date created
Jan 19, 2024
Last Update
Never Updated
Lana Del Rey society is an appreciation society where we want to bring together those who are passionate about Lana, her music, and works. We want to dance and have fun with people who connect to her music, lyrics, and themes. This society aims to draw people together who are like minded and are looking for a group of people that will understand them.
Date created
Feb 9, 2024
Last Update
Never Updated
A Society for those studying Art History and Visual Culture or people with an interest in the topic.
Date created
Feb 19, 2024
Last Update
Never Updated

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