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Society Description

As an undergraduate Data Science student, my lectures straddle both mathematics and computing modules. Whilst most individuals find themselves with many peers, each with an identical timetable (barring option modules), undergraduate data scientist find themselves studying a sometimes eclectic combination of skills in which the only constant is the other Data Scientists; in the majority of modules, a vast majority of students will be studying the same course whilst a few rows are occupied by intruding Data Science students.

Due to this, I believe that Data Science students at The University have a clear and individual identity, but no dedicated space in which to express this. Mornings can be spent discussing mathematics with the student next to you, and afternoon discussing upcoming software development tasks, but your direct contacts for discussing Data Science are limited to just your direct peers.

It is therefore apparent to me that there ought to be a society dedicated to better accommodating the cross-disciplinary nature of Data Science as both a profession and a research topic, in order to create an environment in which students can more efficiently pursue their development within the field.


- To build a network of students, professionals and academics to facilitate the development of member’s Data Science skills, professional network, and their holistic understanding of the field.


The society will:

Create links with Data Science practitioners (researcher and professional) where appropriate to further the aims of the society.

Provide a forum for discussing both research and personal projects to formally enable knowledge and skill sharing between members.

Look to use the society network to enable members to pursue their professional development

Create an environment in which everyone is welcome, safe and comfortable.

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