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Society Registrations submitted on Jan 23, 2024

Society Description

We as a group have come together to establish this society to help each other and others tackle procrastination and improve their lifestyles, whether it be social, fitness or academics. We support everyones personal goals and actively help our members in achieving them. Below we have listed some of our society aims and objectives that we hope to accomplish this year.

  • Community Building: Establish a supportive community where members can connect, share insights, and motivate each other. Facilitate networking opportunities for shared learning experiences.
  • Empower Personal Development: Offer resources and guidance for personal and professional development. Inspire members to set and achieve meaningful goals, both academically and personally.
  • Create a Positive Impact: Engage in activities that align with the values of proactivity and productivity. Encourage members to contribute positively to the university and broader community.

This society offers a place for people to meet like-minded individuals that will support their goals and push them to achieve more. By offering a place where members can feel comfortable and accepted without any judgement. 

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