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Society Registrations submitted on Apr 22, 2024

Society Description

We aim to:

• Create a safe and accommodating environment where Christians on campus can fellowship in unity, but also where non-Christians can learn about God by asking questions and having their questions answered as we thoroughly search the scriptures, thereby helping them to understand what Christianity is about.

• Encourage students to develop their skills and talents by participating in activities with the choir, media, sound engineering/technical, social media & publicity, which will include training for those who are new to these activities and keen.

• Build confidence in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by creating opportunities for regular evangelism and soul winning.

• Empower one another to look beyond ourselves but find a need in our community and meet it, so that we can build a happier world with love.

• Have smaller groups, to discuss challenges related to university, work, and relationships, with the purpose of sharing practical biblical principles that would help in overcoming such challenges.

• Encourage fellowship with the Holy Spirit and the Word, training yourself to be receptive to God and His leading as our Father.

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