Swing Dance Society

Society Registrations submitted on Nov 29, 2023

Society Description

  1. To establish a student-focused space for swing dancing.
  2. Other universities have swing dance societies and other dance societies at Exeter don’t teach swing.
  3. The University of Exeter cannot afford to remain in this position!

Aims and objectives:

  • To provide high quality teaching of Swing Dance at the University of Exeter.
  • Have classes accessible to everyone regularly during term-time.
  • To teach swing dancing without gendered language.
  • To provide opportunities for social dancing at all levels.
  • To provide non-alcoholic social activities for our members.
  • To respect the history and traditions of swing dancing as a Black African American art form while recognising the continuum of swing dance into the present day.
  • To cultivate a safe space where everyone is respected, as well as not tolerating any harassment within or towards the society and its members.
  • To teach about consent and inappropriate holds in dancing.
  • To make swing dancing an inclusive space for everyone regardless of social labels, such as; sex, gender, sexuality, race, disability, class, age or dance level.

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