New and Inclusive Socials (N&I)

Society Registrations submitted on Nov 26, 2023

Society Description

We came up with this idea because when we joined university it was overwhelming joining many societies and trying to remember lots of different people and who your friends are and will be and that's when we got the idea to create an environment where there is a sense of togetherness where everyone knows everyone in a society. This then creating links and friendships around campus whether they might be. 

Our aims include: 

- Giving people a massive family of inclusivity where they can feel like they have many friendships 

- To conduct socials with all members which they can enjoy 

- To allow members to play sports with other members, creating a social group to play casually if it be playing tennis, golf, 5 a side football, netball etc...

- Allowing members to meet people in their lectures who they might not be able to meet in a large lecture hall 

- Giving members a family where people know them around campus and they know people around campus 

- To be able to have timings where students in the society and meet together for socials, if it be bookings to courts, coffee mornings, pitches etc...

- Potential merch to be acquired which hopefully people like 

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