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Public Speaking is a soft skill that it’s importance is highly underestimated. Quoting the President of Public Speaking Society last year, “It is not what you say that matters, but how you deliver”. The wide implication lies in presenting a pitch at University, interviews and negotiation. Two of the committee members this year was a member of the Public Speaking Society last year. Despite workshops were not hosted consistently, we still learnt a lot and improved our communication skills and confidence which was manifested in reaching out and recruiting members from a wide range of academic backgrounds. We believe it would be beneficial to influence people, regardless of their confidence levels to “give it a go” in a more relaxing environment and get more out of the university, just like how we started when we joined the society last year.  


- improve our public speaking skills through researching and hosting workshops

- provide an opportunity for students to practise their public speaking skills in a setting that allows mistakes


- to help at least one person become more confident in public speaking

- host one workshop /guest speaker talks per week

- organise at least 2 socials in term two

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