Middle Eastern and North African Society

Society Registrations submitted on Nov 9, 2022

Society Description

The aim of creating a MENA society are :

The lack of society representing the Middle Eastern and North African students, the MENA will be created to ensure that the student from this region find the University of Exeter as an interesting and joyful place to live in, we want the University of Exeter to be a second home for them.

Our aim is also to promote the traditions, cultures and way of living of the MENA populations and communities, so that they can feel represented in the very diverse and cosmopolitan place that is the University of Exeter.

Providing a platform to interact, exchange and connect with other persons from the same origins is also one of our goals, as people tend to be more comfortable with people who with they share ascendance.

In conclusion the MENA society will be here to unite, promote and empower the Middle Eastern and North African peoples, cultures and community and that in a general effort to make the University of Exeter one of the most welcoming and diverse place.

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