Theology Society

Society Registrations submitted on Nov 9, 2022

Society Description

The society being temporarily frozen really limited theology students in terms of meeting new people from the subject within their own year and others. We want to re-start the society to give that opportunity back and allow the social element of the course to return!

The aims and objectives of the society

• To create an academic family where students feel comfortable and welcome

• To offer a fun social space for students, including sober and drinking socials

• To have a good support system that is accessible for all members, including specific wellbeing posts and meetings

• To provide academic support for students, for example: help with deadlines or understanding of a topic

• To re-brand the society and create a new reputation for it

• To have a social media presence that is consistent, provides valuable information and is easy to interact with

• To be a committee that members do not feel scared to approach but would consider friends

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