The Gastrointestinal Society (Gut Club)

Society Registrations submitted on May 29, 2023

Society Description

The spectrum of benign and malignant digestive disease is vast, fascinating and incredibly important. We believe a lively Society dedicated to it would significantly enrich the learning of medical and nursing students, while also appealing to those interested in the history and philosophy of medicine, a great deal of which is wrapped up in humankind's relationship with its guts. Our aims and objectives are therefore:

• To improve students’ knowledge and understanding of normal anatomy and physiology of the GI tract and its accessory organs

• To improve knowledge and understanding of the pathologies that affect this system, together with their management and impact on people’s lives (individually and in a wider social context)

• To promote an interest in the social, historical and intellectual development of medicine and surgery

• To inspire students to pursue careers in related fields (e.g. general surgery, gastroenterology, hepatology, specialist nursing etc.)

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