Long-Distance Relationship Society

Society Registrations submitted on Mar 18, 2023

Society Description

  • Both the president and vice-president have experienced long-distance relationships and understand the difficulties that can come with them, particularly for international students like themselves.
  • We aim to help international students minimise the impact of long-distance relationships on their studies and daily lives, recognising that these relationships can be a significant source of stress and emotional upheaval.

  • Drawing from our own experiences, the president and vice-president hope to offer guidance and support to other international students who are navigating long-distance relationships.
  • We plan to organise events and activities that promote healthy relationship habits and provide opportunities for students to connect with others who are in similar situations.
  • The president and vice-president will also create resources such as blog posts or video tutorials on topics such as managing emotions, maintaining healthy communication, and finding ways to stay connected with loved ones despite distance.
  • In addition to providing practical advice, the president and vice-president aim to create a supportive community where international students can feel heard, understood, and validated in their experiences.
  • Through their efforts, the president and vice-president hope to alleviate some of the challenges that international students may face when trying to maintain long-distance relationships while pursuing their academic and personal goals.

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