ExMAB (Exeter Medtech and Biopharma)

Society Registrations submitted on Feb 7, 2023

Society Description

ExMAB (Exeter Medtech & Biopharma) is a student society open to individuals from any academic background who are interested in pursuing a career in biopharmaceuticals or medtech. Whether their goal is to work for a big pharma company, investment firm, or medtech startup, our membership will provide members with valuable resources to help them achieve their career goals. Our benefits include access to engaging workshops, insightful talks from industry professionals, a regular newsletter keeping members up-to-date with industry trends, and social events to connect with like-minded individuals.

This society will run from September 2023 onwards.

Aims and objectives:

- To shed light on a concealed but fast-growing sector and bring together a community of like-minded students.

- To provide networking opportunities for members – whether that be with industry professionals, lecturers or fellow students.

- To provide learning opportunities through a range of workshops and talks – we will address many aspects of biopharma/medtech, such as new cutting-edge science, research, investing and entrepreneurship.

- To keep students ahead of the curve by updating them on the latest advancements in biotech, pharmaceuticals and medtech.

- To build and scale a well-established and inclusive society made up of students from a range of academic and cultural backgrounds.


- Once we gain approval, we will aim to market our society as much as possible. We will achieve this by advertising in relevant group chats (year group and degree chats), where we will get interested students to fill in a short form, where they will then be added to our group chat – we will also be opening positions to expand our committee before September.

- Before the start of the next academic year, we aim to network extensively and connect with numerous professionals in the space – collectively, as a committee, we already have a sizable list of contacts, but we aim to grow this list much larger.

- Once the academic year has started, we will be focused on scaling the society through continuous promotion and the potential of collaborating with other societies.

- We aim to host at the very least weekly events at the start. However, as the society scales, we aim to grow our committee, increasing our capacity to organise more frequent events.

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