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Society Description

The exponential rise in popularity of padel can be attributed to two primary factors: space efficiency and inclusivity. The sport's ability to cater to players of all skill levels, coupled with its minimal learning curve, makes it particularly well-suited for a multicultural institution like the University of Exeter. Currently, Exeter lacks a dedicated society for padel, representing a missed opportunity that we aim to rectify. With over 25 million active players across 110 countries and a notable surge in popularity across the United Kingdom, we recognise padel as the next major racquet sport. Consequently, we are determined to introduce it to the Exeter community. 

Notably, there are numerous other prestigious Russell group universities such as Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Oxford alongside other major non-Russell group universities all boasting impressive padel societies. Given Exeter's renowned sporting prowess, we believe it is imperative for the university to have a thriving Padel society.

Mission and Vision

- Create an elite Padel team to compete against other universities in inter-university competitions .

- Promote the sport of Padel among university students by organising events and activities aimed at introducing as many individuals as possible to the sport.

- Develop a diverse society that encompasses both competitive and social Men's and Women's teams, ensuring inclusivity and participation from all members.

- Create a This Girl Can Padel initiative, promoting inclusivity and encouraging female participation in the sport. By specifically targeting female students, the initiative seeks to address any barriers or challenges that may prevent women from engaging in padel tennis.

- Organise taster sessions to introduce newcomers to the sport of Padel, recognising that many members may be trying it for the first time.

- Create an inclusive and fun society for all of our members.

- Allow all people to Play Padel regardless of their level, from competing with other unis to just trying out the sport.

- Advocate for Padel to be recognised as a BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) sport in the near future, promoting its status and visibility within the university sports community.

- Foster a supportive community within the society, where members share tips, support one another, and continuously strive to improve their skills and performance in the sport.

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