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Exeter Marrow has existed for many years. The majority of our activity has been on St Luke's campus as committee has largely been made up of medics in recent years. We have also hosted lots fundraisers around the city of Exeter and have been a hugely successful society on a national level with the Anthony Nolan charity.

Exeter Marrow has never been guild affiliated. It seems that for many years, committee have been very keen to make this happen but handovers at the start of each new year has perhaps delayed this ever being addressed. As the society has increased in popularity, we are appreciating more than ever how much greater our impact could be if we could increase our presence on Streatham Campus and spread the mission of Marrow to a wider audience.

Our main aims:

1) Raise awareness of the stem cell donation register and to encourage young, healthy people to sign up- so few people actually understand stem cell donation. Most people never get called up to donate. But, it might just be that the one person who sign's up at a uni freshers fayre could be a match for someone like themselves in need of a life-saving transplant. The more people signed up, the greater the chance we have at finding everyone in need of a match their lifesaver.

2) Raise money in aid of the Anthony Nolan Charity- As mentioned, we are a student-led branch of the Anthony Nolan Charity- a charity dedicated to saving the lives of those with blood cancer and rare blood disorders.

3) Raise awareness of blood cancer and rare blood disorders.

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