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Setting the stage for Desi Society is a heart-driven mission to promote Desi culture within our university. As a society we aim to:

- Celebrate Desi culture - Our university at the moment lacks a society that focuses solely on desi culture. Due to this, students like us in the committee for this society have seen a lack of desi traditional events such as events promoting desi games like Yassu Panju Haar, Carrom etc.

- Community Celebration – Create a close-knit community where individuals with a passion for Desi culture can come together, celebrate traditions, and forge connections. An example of a celebration we look forward to running is a mock Shaadi.

- Educate the campus about desi cultures and heritage – Celebrating days such as Gulab Jamun day can allow us to spread desi culture in a warm and welcoming way to help spread inclusivity and diversity to the campus.

- Create a safe space for people of desi heritage to speak about their issues – Being of desi descent comes with its own issues that a lot of people deal with. Creating a society where people can voice issues but also attend events, we hold to deal with these can lead to creating a more welcoming university experience for a number of students.

Desi Society is not just about events; it's about creating memories, forming bonds, and providing a space where individuals can truly belong. We look forward to creating a society that allows us to express and celebrate our heritage.

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