Eastern European Society

Society Registrations submitted on May 14, 2024

Society Description

  • To bring together various Eastern European cultures which share many similarities and are diametrically opposed to other regions
  • To create a comfortable, non-judgemental space for the exploration of both our shared and varied traditions
  • To offer a variety of socials catering to different interests so members can tailor their experience
  • To provide a supportive atmosphere and offer friendly faces to new and returning students
  • To make the process of adjusting to university life and building friendships easier
  • To give the familiarity of interacting with people of shared experiences and interests

Registration Updates

  • This Registration has passed

  • Registration moved to a Student Vote

    This registration needs at least 20 student voters by 14:26 4th Jul 2024 to pass.
  • Registration in review

  • Registration created

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