Indian Classical Fusion Society

Society Registrations submitted on Jan 6, 2023

Society Description

India is known for its diversity, we are here to provide you with an amalgamation of traditional art forms.   Unlike any other dance societies in our university, this society will give prominence to classical forms like Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi, semi-classical, classical folk etc.


Our society aims at providing the chance to experience various styles, showcase your abilities in those genres and have fun while doing it. 

Our society welcomes everyone, so it makes no difference what shape, size, race, or level of ability. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and learn.

We want our society to be a place you can go to have fun and let go!


  • To provide classes on a weekly basis throughout the term
  • To provide workshops in particular styles and choreography 
  • A great way to self-expression
  • Foster inter-cultural understanding and identity development
  •  To create an inclusive and united environment through the oneness of music and dance.
  • To unleash the artistic and creative nature.
  • To explore and express oneself with freedom through this beautiful art form.


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