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Society Registrations submitted on Nov 8, 2022

Society Description

Nursing is a very new course, and there has never been a society created before. Our course started in the height of the pandemic, meaning that many students did not know each other until second or third year.

By creating this society we hope to bring all years and students together to share experiences and knowledge, whilst also creating a supportive and integrated environment.

We have three main concepts. These are;
- Creating an academic and social community for the student nurses on our course
- Creating opportunities for professional development
- Creating opportunities to give back to the community by completing relevant charity fundraising
Whilst we aim to create a relaxed and fun environment within the society, we are aware that our members are training to be registered nurses. We have three underpinning rules, these are to be professional and abide by the NMC code whilst also upholding professional values.

(Subject to the creation of the society and funding) Benefits include, but are not limited to;

Creating a community for students, in which professional development and welfare are a top priority. You can meet others on the course who are at a different stage to you and can bring their knowledge and experience. Another benefit we hope to bring is “Nursing Family” which would include bringing together different year groups to share experiences and provide any support if needed.

Opportunities we hope to provide would include welfare and social events. These may include dog walks, coffee mornings, nights out and brunch. We would hope to set up and take part in sporting activities including running club and other group sports. To help with professional development, we would organise group outings to job fairs, RCN congress, RCN library as well as asking key speakers to come in and share their insights and experiences.

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