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Society Registrations submitted on May 17, 2024

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We feel that there is a high demand for screen acting, which is currently not being met within the Drama, Film and Communications department. As a group we are passionate about creating an environment for creatives looking to improve their writing, acting and filmmaking abilities. There are multiple theatre societies at the university and we believe that a screen acting society is what is missing. Our aims and objectives are the following:

We aim to create an inclusive environment that includes everyone across the university.

To create a brand new and open space for people to collaborate and create their own work.

To have at least two workshops a month, acting and behind the screen.

To have multiple socials a month, in order to create a community of like-minded creative individuals

Give actors the resources to create unique showreels. This will help them when seeking representation and professional work.

We wish to have talks and some workshops led by industry professionals, alumni and academics within the field.

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