Women in Work

Society Registrations submitted on Dec 20, 2022

Society Description

- At Exeter Women in Work we will thrive to provide a level and inclusive playing field for self-identifying women on campus with tremendous career opportunities. We will aim to cultivate young female leaders to collaborate with other like-minded individuals from a variety of courses, ranging from STEM subjects to arts and social sciences. We want to engage both students and employers in the discussion about women in the workplace, the glass ceiling and the drivers behind a successful career. 

- As a society we will obtain a sponsorship base from various industry domains, organise insight days, hold smaller bespoke activity events with CV applicants, collaborate with different male and female societies on campus, and include multiple career networking meets on campus. 

- Whilst our main objective is to create successful women, we will also focus on preparing and supporting students for life beyond university, and knowledge that might not have been acquired in the education system, but gained through life experience, such as mortgages, taxes, investment, and general living once entered the workplace. 

- At Women in Work we want to bring confidence to our fellow students and help them in their future pathways. 

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