Trauma and Orthopaedic Society

Society Registrations submitted on Apr 30, 2023

Society Description

We want to restart this society, as we feel there is a need for a surgical society that is purely focused on the large and ever changing speciality of Trauma and Orthopaedics. We will work alongside the Exeter Surgical Society and the British Orthopaedic Medical Student Association, to provide better orthopaedic teaching, orthopaedic placement opportunities and orthopaedic workshop opportunities for students. This society will not just benefit students interested in orthopaedic surgery, but will benefit all medical students, as we will be able to provide more trauma and orthopaedic teaching and opportunities than Exeter Surgical Society would be able to provide alone.

Our aims:

- Provide medical students with important CV building opportunities, that are needed in this competitive specialty, by advertising orthopaedic teaching and research opportunities.

- To enhance orthopaedic surgical education for medical students, by organising surgeon-led virtual or in person lectures and teaching series for medical students. This will aim to cover musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology, and clinical orthopaedic conditions.

- Liase with trauma and orthopaedic surgeons to provide placement opportunities for medical students  

-  Better prepare clinical year medical students for their placement years, by organising workshops such as hip arthroplasty and bone anchoring.

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