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 Harm reduction: this is a well-researched area applied to psychedelic studies within which “the use of psychedelics is not pathologized or stigmatized, nor is it promoted or encouraged.” It is defined as the “evidence-based, pragmatic, compassionate, and non-judgmental approaches to policy, prevention, or clinical interventions that are focused on reducing negative consequences without eliminating their source altogether.”

 Integration & Meditation Provision: the society recognises the need for quiet and silence for integrating the difficult and hectic as well as the wondrous elements of student experience. Integration takes the form of writing, painting, and all of this. Workshops will thus be provided.

 Provision of talks and exhibits to students: events will discuss intellectual progress, as well as involve visual and musical art. The English Westcountry is a world centre for psychedelic art and music, ranging from Folk to Trip-Hop, Trance and Drum & Bass music.

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