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Society Description

Inform and support non-law students through their legal journey. 

As non-law students, our journey into law differs drastically from those who study law undergrad - we need to complete a PGDL/extended SQE and apply for opportunities at different times. We want to make sure that non-law students don’t feel alone and lost in this process. 

Even the playing field between law and non-law students

When it comes to open days etc. law and non-law students are expected to compete against each other and apply for the same opportunities. Naturally law students have a greater understanding of commercial awareness, arbitration, and dispute resolution etc. This provides them with the knowledge they need to complete applications to a higher standard than a non-law student. Creating a safe space where non-law students can have legal training before their interviews next year is key to their success.  

While law students are expected to study law, non-law students are expected to study their non-law degree whilst also growing extensive legal knowledge. Though this is exciting, it is also complex and requires collaboration which this society can provide. 

Grow confidence and reassure 

We have noticed that non-law who want to pursue a legal career hold themselves back when it comes to attending law society events. From my personal conversations with people, I believe this stems from lack of focus from the society itself when it comes to non-law students. They host key events such as mooting/mock trials and commercial awareness competitions, yet forget that most non-law students have never heard of these words before. 

We want to make sure that non-law students feel confident enough to participate in these events as these things will progress their legal career. 

Teach students how they can use their non-law background to get ahead 

Law firms hire 50-50%, law/non-law candidates however they prefer non law candidates that clearly know how their undergraduate degree has benefited them. People go into law from different degrees (music, econ, languages). This society will allow students to meet like-minded people and share ideas as to how they can get ahead and if lucky enough, secure a training contract at the end of their 3 or 4 year degree.

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