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Horror, and its cultural offsprings, innately reflect a society’s history, the sociopolitical stance of a time: all that a society adores and fears. It is for this reason that Scare Society is needed on a campus which prides itself on culture and learning. Below is a list of the objectives and aims.

Scare Society aims to examine Horror Culture, utilising a critical focus as its crutch. This would facilitate reading-groups and watchers with the resources to be able to comment and discuss their favourite media critically and from a wider cultural perspective.

Scare Society aims to provide thematic explorations of media, with a rotating system, so as to look in-depth at a range of ideas and cultural artefacts.

Scare Society aims to create a space where Horror-fans can meet and socialise with like-minded people, in a friendly, inclusive environment.

Scare Society aims to cultivate an environment of critical curiosity, constantly in the process of questioning the how? and why? of Horror, to encourage media-literacy.

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