Burmese Society

Society Registrations submitted on Nov 20, 2023

Society Description

As an international student myself, I certainly know that studying abroad is a challenging task. I want to start this society in order to build a supportive community for all Burmese students in Exeter. Moreover, I want to introduce our beautiful Burmese traditions to the foreign setting as I find it lovely when students from different backgrounds engage with each other by sharing their knowledge about their home country.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Our society welcomes everyone from different nationalities who are passionate to learn about the Burmese traditions and culture through our fun activities.
  • To cure homesickness for students from Myanmar by connecting through mini-festivals. (eg; Thingyan water festival)
  • To offer help and evoke a homely environment for the new students who struggle with adapting the international student life away from home.

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