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Society Registrations submitted on Mar 27, 2024

Society Description

  • Serve as an interdisciplinary publishing journal for students interested in politics and its branches.
  • Allow students to have a publishing platform.
  • Educate students on the impact of political science research on public policymaking, at the local, national and global level
  • Extension as a publishing wing for societies, that brings together different ideas (or an additional publishing wing for those already with one).  
  • Career orientated and aims to aid peoples CVs.
  • Opportunity for people to write and publish ideas.
  • Inclusive to all students and professors at University Exeter.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary discourse.
  • University press style publishing that provides experience for that role which may be of interest for students in particular.
  • Important distinctions is that we are not a newspaper, we focus on being a platform for publishing of various matters including non-contemporary affairs. This is focused on research and magazine/journal/news style articles with an emphasis on orientating to supplement CVs.

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