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Society Registrations submitted on Mar 18, 2024

Society Description

  • We are passionate about mental health and would love to be a part of supporting our fellow students; we know university can be stressful and walks have been really helpful for our wellbeing so we'd like to help pass this on to other students.
  • The walks would be a fun opportunity for people to meet new people and make friends, especially for people feeling isolated who want a chance to meet other like-minded students.
  • Students can get out and exercise, boosting their physical and mental health, in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • It would be a good way for students to explore the city of Exeter and support local businesses (by trying new locations for coffee or food).
  • The walks would be a great way for students to start their day as getting out and about can improve productivity and mood for the rest of the day.

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