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Society Registrations submitted on Dec 12, 2022

Society Description

To the best of our understanding, The Sikhs in Exeter are scattered and are almost unaware of each others’ existence; it is our goal to unite Everyone together to create a sort of family away from home.

•Building a Sewadar (selfless volunteering) community in Exeter by working with UK charities.

•Uniting Sikh Soc with existing faith societies in Exeter.

•The Sikh society supports students and raises awareness about the concepts of Sikhi (Sikhism).

•Platforming and representing

Exeters Sikhs for inter-uni events around the UK

•Spreading awareness regarding Sikh culture and uniting Sikhs across Exeter.

•Consistently serving fun and informative events for Sikh Soc members.

•Creating a comfortable and attractive environment for current and future students at the university.

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